Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Recent Price Reductions in Peverell

The last two weeks has seen a selection of Peverell properties having to lower there price to try and find a buyer. This comes off of the back of a positive August/September for sales. As we now approach the Autumn months sellers are looking for a buyer for there home as soon as possible.  

There is still great demand for properties in Peverell and buyers are always around looking to move into this popular residential area.

Below I have highlighted a few of the recent price reductions.

Torr View Avenue, Peverell - £230,000

Reduced by £20,000 since first coming to the market.

Lyndhurst Road, Peverell - £230,000

Reduced by £15,000 since first coming to the market,

Peverell Terrace, Peverell - £225,000

Reduced by £15,000 since first coming on the market.

If you would like any information regarding prices or certain properties within the Peverell Property Market please feel free to call or email me and I will be happy to help.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

World's Biggest Coffee Morning

Falcon Property are holding a Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 25th September 2015 between 10am and 12pm. 

Please go along and show your support for this fantastic charity. 
There will be a selection of cakes as well Coffee made from there own coffee machine. 

Why not pop in and say hi to the guys and give what you can to this charity and take part in the World's Biggest Coffee Morning.  

Presenting Your Home

One thing that I know is that properties that are well presented generally sell faster. I would always suggest before putting your property onto the market take a look at your property and if you’re brave enough ask a friend to give their thoughts as if they were a buyer looking at your property. This way before you come to the market you have time to de-clutter, finish DIY jobs and even freshen up d├ęcor before you open up your property to the public.

Remember first impressions count, so from the doorstop to the kitchen make sure the house is prepared. Dishes are washed and put away, de-clutter worktops, and make sure beds are made. Invest in some boxes for instant tidy up’s and maybe even store away in the loft to give the property more space.

Make sure your home is clean and tidy. Make your home feel welcoming by investing in some colorful flowers. Also nothing smells as fresh as fresh air so open windows before viewings.    

Estate agents are experts they will have sold many properties so ask their advice remember they can advise on what works you should do which will benefit the sale of your property.

If you would like some advice on how to present your property then please feel free to contact me, I will be more than happy to visit you or give you some advice over the phone. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Would You Believe It?

Prices in Peverell have increased by 142% since 2001 when prices across Plymouth have increased by 108%. 

Glendower Road has been one of the busiest roads in Peverell for number of properties sold with 242 since 1995. There are also only 157 houses in the street. 
Peverell Park Road was not far behind with 213 properties selling within that time. 

As I have mentioned before and I continue to say properties in Peverell are selling and in fact there have been a number already over the last couple of weeks. The links below will give you a selection of which ones.  - Burleigh Park Rd - Broad Park Road - Peverell Terrace

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

10 tips to selling your home

1. Exteriors - First impressions count

Take an objective look at the outside of your property or maybe even ask a family member or friend. If its looking a little run down, evaluate the extent of the work needed to smarten it up. Simple jobs like cleaning fascia boards and guttering. Maybe even a quick lick of paint to flaky woodwork can give exteriors an instant facelift.

2. Garden makeover

We're not talking about major landscaping, just taming overgrown areas. Mowing the lawn and pulling up weeds from paving won't take long and can make a world of difference.

3. Remove obstacles

It's best not to make your prospective buyer jump over hurdles. This may mean moving children's play things, pets' toys and baskets, bicycles or sports items. Clear routes for buyers to make it easy for them to view your home. 

4. Ensure rooms smell fresh

Strong cooking odours or lingering pet smells can be off-putting. Open windows to allow fresh air to circulate and install discreet air fresheners. 

5. Clear clutter 

Buyers will expect to see the usual ornaments and knick-knacks, however too much clutter can be a distraction. How about a clear out of unwanted items earlier this will not only make space but will save time when you come to move. 

6. Open up the view

Moving unused items of furniture can open up a room and make it look more spacious. If an area is crowded buyers may not be able to appreciate the true dimensions of the room. 

7. Let in light

Maximise the amount of natural light coming into your house by making sure all curtains and blinds are fully open. Make sure overgrown trees are cut back so they do not obscure light. 

8. Brighten a dull room

If you have a room in the house which is dull/dark maybe try using a higher wattage light bulb or paint the walls in pale colours and add mirrors to reflect light. 

9. Leave the building

Your home is, of course personal to you, and sometimes this can make prospective buyers feel awkward. They may refrain from too much discussion in front of you. They are also more likely to spend longer on a viewing and ask more questions to the agent if you're not there. A buyer is more likely to give constructive feedback which you maybe able to use for future viewings. 

10. Trust your estate agent

Experienced estate agents know what they're doing. They will have sold numerous properties in the past and have hopefully gained many years knowledge of selling houses. So why not trust them to sell our house rather than trying to do it yourself.